For years, I have tried to find my dream career path and combine my skills and passions in a perfect profession. As a curiosity, I add that, I lived and studied in Ireland for 5 years, thanks to which I speak quite good English.

By profession, I am a pharmaceutical technician but my experience is based on logistics. I worked in Dutch logistics corporations for 6 years, getting involved in logistics and administrative processes. My experience path started in warehouses, through process optimization and training of new employees, involvement in the implementation of new projects and systems, to coordinate office work. 

Despite the satisfaction with the achievements that I gained during this period, I discovered a desire for something more than just sitting in the office and performing identical tasks every day. I was determined to combine my desire to be free, independent with work that is dynamic, driving and enable me to develop my skills while travelling. And that's how I am, I created the quintessence of private and professional life. I support entrepreneurs from various industries in developing and improving their business as a virtual assistant from World.

Being in your shoes, I understand the complexity of running a business and achieving success. Your main goal should be to grow your business and benefit from your work. Taking care of the background of your business should be escalated to someone else, such as me. As your virtual assistant, I will support you in tasks that you should not waste your energy on.

I guarantee!



I invite you to an initial discovery call to get to know each other better and discuss the conversation. Together, we'll get rid of your headache.